What is the best VoIP phone in 2021?

VoIP is the best phone system that costs less for your office. As the name stands, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet to establish a phone call experience. But this technology is more than just a phone setup. It is a multifunction system also used as a collaboration tool, sending emails, video calls, conference calls, and many more.

Last updated: 6th October 2021

Best VoIP Phone to reduce calling costs

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Why should you invest in a VoIP Phone system?

The three main reasons for getting a VoIP set up are cost-efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.


It’s all about getting more for less money. We all want extra features and services for free. Well, VoIP uses the internet, unlike the traditional recurrent rental phone line. That’s why the VoIP phone system can offer more services for free or cost less. This all-in-one phone setup gives you access to the web, sends emails on the go, and even gets critical updates from your IP phone.


This phone system is far much flexible than a landline that you know. Whether you are moving office location or working abroad, it works similar to a mobile phone. Plug and play as long as you have an internet connection, you are in business. The setup supports any networks such as private, public, cable, or wireless.


Are you expanding or expecting future growth? It’s not a problem. You can expand the network quickly and effortlessly without purchasing extra hardware for your new employee. The new employee can download the software on any portable device or desktop. Then connect through the internet to start receiving calls.

Top 4 VoIP Phone Systems to consider

#1 CloudTalk is the Best Cloud Phone System for Call Center & Customer Support Teams

Cloudtalk Cloud base phone system for any call center & customer support teams

CloudTalk is a cloud call center software designed for modern businesses. This cloud phone system is already serving over 3,000 organizations around the world. Companies like Mercedes, Fujitsu, Tech Mahindra, Yves Rocher, DHL, Glovo, and Karcher. They all depend on CloudTalk superlatives call quality and best-evaluated communication arrangements.

Its 70+ advanced calling features help companies to facilitate the life of customer support and sales teams. These features work on existing deals and client assistance groups with progress calling highlights. Support and Sales teams love it.

Furthermore, CloudTalk improves correspondence with many possibilities. Thanks to the amalgamation with your presented helpdesk, eCommerce, and CRM systems as Pipedrive, Shopify, or Helpscout.

CloudTalk Phone Pros and Cons

Although CloudTalk is the best cloud-based phone system for those well-known companies, it has some Pros & Cons to bring up.


  • It is easy to use and straightforward
  • Provides excellent customer service
  • It helps in improving communication capabilities
  • Provides improved call quality


  • Require fast internet connectivity to provide a quality calling experience. 

As long as you have a good Internet speed, you can ensure quality calls to customers with any VoIP phone.

CloudTalk Dashboard

CloudTalk application is super user-friendly as a cloud-based phone system. Its application is easily accessible through both browser and desktop. It enables your team to formulate and obtain calls from anywhere, on any device, with international numbers.

The dashboard is straightforward and well structured. It installs in less than 5 minutes. Then integrate it with tools that you already use. From there, you can manage all contacts, numbers, agents, call routings, statistics, and other intelligent features in one place.

It’s a perfect all-in-one platform for your team’s efficiency and productivity. Manage everything under one portal.

CloudTalk Dashboard all-in-one managing platform

Are you looking for an alternative to Zendesk Talk?

CloudTalk integrates seamlessly with Zendesk. It offers a full suite for incoming and outgoing telephony at a lower price than Zendesk Talk. Zendesk Talk is $25 per user / per month, where CloudTalk is only $20. On a large scale, this $5 makes a huge difference.

CloudTalk Reporting Tool

A reporting tool is one of the most powerful tools for any business, especially those with customer care in place. It helps identify gaps proactively for the management team to take action promptly. This tool helps to oversee particular calling trends.

Your management team can focus on increasing resources to avoid keeping customers waiting in line. Keep in mind that waiting customers can impact customer satisfaction rates.

From its dashboard, you can expand the statistics menu to find a set of reports to keep up to date. Even real-time statistics to follow your team’s progress.

CloudTalk Reporting Tool with real time statistic for Staff & Management

CloudTalk Phone Features

CloudTalk is a simple cloud-based phone system with a long list of features to create the best call center and customer service.

Some of its compelling features for you to consider:

  • Click-to-Call
  • Record Calls
  • Call Types & Routing
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Real-time customer cards
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Statistics, Daily Summary & Custom reporting
  • Conference calls
  • Generate Location
  • Personalization
  • Session Queuing
  • Concurrent Calling
  • Administrator Access
  • 14-days Free Trial (No Credit Card, No Contract)

CloudTalk Price plans:

  • Starter Pack with 1-20 users – $20 per user per month
  • Essential Pack with 20-25 users – $25 per user /mo
  • Expert Pack with 25-40 users – $40 per user /month
  • Custom Pack is a complete tailor-made offer

All plans include a 14-day free trial with no commitment and hidden fees.

Overall, Cloudtalk is best for any call center & customer support teams with large volumes of calls.

Talkroute VoIP Phones are best for any growing business that needs a reliable virtual phone system

#2 Nextiva is the best VoIP Phone System for Businesses of any size

Nextiva VoIP Phone System for all type of businesses of any sizes

Nextiva is one of the best VoIP phone systems for businesses with several locations. Whether you are one or a hundred employees, Nextiva’s package plans accommodate any number of users at the best price. It offers excellent enterprise-level services to businesses of all sizes.

Its VoIP phone system is a cloud-based solution. Nextiva reaches across several stores and offices yet is still manage from one fundamental platform. Furthermore, this phone system provides multiple services.

Mobile communication is one of these services that attracts most users. The application installs seamlessly on both iOS and Android. It allows unlimited calls to many locations from your connected devices.

Nextiva stands out with its team collaboration tool. This tool allows instant call conferencing & scheduling plus interoffice messages like chat. It includes an advanced call routing feature with ring group, virtual receptionist, queuing, and call forwarding.

Nextiva VoIP Pros and Cons

As with any VoIP services out there, it is worth highlighting its pros and cons as a cloud-based phone system. 


  • Competitive pricing
  • Provides best customer service
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Helps in delivering HD Call quality as compared to other VoIP Services


  • There are a lot of technical issues with this phone system
  • The calls are a bit buggy

Nextiva VoIP Phone Features

While Nextiva is providing the best calling experience, it offers a set of features that boost your team’s productivity. 

The following is a short list of features for you to know:

  • Video Calling & Conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Team messaging, collaboration, & video
  • Free local & Toll-free number
  • Business SMS
  • Voicemail to email/SMS notifications
  • Outlook & Google contacts integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • Internet Fax
  • Call & Video recording
  • Call history & Call log reports
  • Voice Analytics
  • Admin & User portal
  • Real-time system status alerts
  • 24×7 customer support

Nextiva Price Plans:

  • Essential pack 1-4 users – $23.95 /user/month
  • Professional pack 5-19 users – $25.95 /user/month
  • Enterprise pack 20-99 users – $32.95 /user/month
  • Ultimate pack 100+ users – $52.95 /user/month

Overall, Nextiva is exceptionally the best VoIP Service. It is an all-in-one managing platform to simplify your day-to-day operations.   

You can settle on and receive calls from one of your most comfortable devices in no time. Plug a handset into your device for incoming and outgoing quality calls. 

VoIP Phone by Nextiva for any business of all sizes

#3 Grasshopper VoIP Phone Service is excellent for any small business

Grasshopper VoIP Phone is best for any small business

Grasshopper is a virtual phone framework whose advertising has concocted this strong expression to help their conviction that their virtual phone framework does coordinate with the necessity of the purchaser and the small-medium business (SMB). 


However, does the assistance coordinate with the overstatement? In this article, you will get to know about the in-depth information of the Grasshopper’s virtual telephony service.

Let’s take a quick peek at its basic features that will turn your outdated analog phones into an ultra-modern customer call experience.

Grasshopper VoIP Phone Features

Some of its prominent features are as follows:

  • Cloud PBX
  • Fax Support (incoming)
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • International Calls 
  • Conference Calling 
  • Toll-Free, Local, or Vanity number
  • Call transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Softphone for Windows or Mac
  • Call Blasting
  • Caller ID/Screening
  • Call blocking

Grasshopper VoIP System Pros and Cons 

It’s worth highlighting some of its pros & cons for you to consider.


  • Provides reliability
  • It’s a very affordable Virtual Phone System
  • Easy to use application


  • Some users reported that the calls get dropped sometimes, and dial out is delayed

In general, Grasshopper targets small businesses and entrepreneurs who entail a specialized telephone PBX solution at a reasonable price. This considerable VOIP Phone service focuses on being an essential, high-quality, and reliable telephone tune-up. But, it does lack some basic multi-channel, productivity and call center, and collaboration tools. 


Though, Grasshopper VoIP does have some complementary features that transport some of these functions to its users with ease. Two services bring some higher features to the central of Grasshopper voice service. These services include Join.me and Grasshopper Connect.

The first one helps with email integration and contact sharing, whereas the latter focuses on providing much-needed prop up for audio and video conferencing as well as screen/desktop sharing.

Grasshopper Price Plans:

  • Solo pack 1 phone number + 3 extensions – $26 /month
  • Partner pack 3 phone numbers + 6 extensions – $44 /month
  • Small Business pack 5 phone numbers + unlimited extensions – $80 /month
Grasshopper offers VoIP Phone for any small business

#3 Talkroute Best VoIP Phone System for any growing business

Talkroute VoIP Phone System service is best for any growing business

Are you looking for some proficient business phone service, but you are uncertain about whether Talkroute is the best decision to offer that service or not?  


Well, there are tons of companies that offer phone solutions for business, and it can be hard to figure out which one you should use. Talkroute is one of VOIP’s best phone systems for any growing business. It is an easy way to deal with incoming business calls. Users can easily forward a call to a cellular phone with the Talkroute application. Talkroute also provides a facility to produce menu prompts for different devices. 


Furthermore, you can also add hold music or situate specific dates/times for their business calls.

Talkroute VoIP Phone Features

A shortlist of some of its prominent features for your support team to take advantage of while using Talkroute VoIP Phones.

  • Call Logging
  • Mobile Access
  • Call Routing
  • IVR / Voice Recognition
  • Call Monitoring
  • Ring Groups
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Auto-Dialer
  • Voice Mail

Talkroute Phone Pros and Cons

It’s worth taking into consideration some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is one of the best ways to boost your business
  • Provides greater customer service
  • East to use software
  • Fair pricing


  • The voicemail box gets filled very quickly

The primary benefit Talkroute has over a standard landline phone is its cost. Talkroute is reasonably economical because it runs on accessible phone lines, like your home phone, cell phone, etc. Rather than purchasing committed business phone lines, think of this tune-up as taking full advantage of the phone check you already comprise.


Talkroute offers four business phone service plans such as Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. 


Its basic plan includes 100 text messages, email support, one voicemail inbox. Similarly, the plus plan comes with ten extensions, 2 local or toll-free numbers, 3 voicemail inboxes, 500 text messages, and chat support. 


On the other hand, its pro plan includes unlimited extensions, 1000 text messages, phone support, 3 local or toll-free numbers, 10 voicemail inboxes, 5 custom professionally recorded greetings, and a dial-by-name directory. 


Talkroute also offers enterprise-level that comes with 5 local or toll-free numbers. As well, unlimited text messages, unlimited extensions, priority phone support, dial-by-name directory, 20 voicemail inboxes, 5 custom professionally recorded greetings, custom software integration, and a dedicated account manager. 

Talkroute Price Plans:

  • Basic pack 1 user – $19 /month
  • Plus pack 1-3 users – $39 /month
  • Pro pack 3-10 users – $59 /month
  • Enterprise pack 10-20 users – $99 /month
Talkroute VoIP Phones are best for any growing business that needs a reliable virtual phone system

What is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone system?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) name implies, it uses the internet instead of a phone line. VoIP phone is a simple software (or softphone) install on any computer. The software usually offers many features

and functionalities that an analog phone doesn’t support, such as email or video calls, easy sharing of contact lists, and many more features for a better user experience. 


These functionalities and capabilities make the VoIP Phone system more flexible than a PBX. You can add as many devices as you grow. 


However, VoIP has its pros and cons for you to take into consideration. 

Pros and Cons of VoIP Phones

Though VoIP comes in with a lot of benefits that will create the best customer experience, it also has its advantages and disadvantages too. 


  • Price: 

    VoIP is far cheaper than a landline phone system, especially when comparing its features and functionalities. For example, a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is hardware installed in an office to connect many landline phones. This setup alone is costly compare to a VoIP system which only relies on a broadband connection to provide a service. In other words, with a VoIP system, you can plug and play without the need for any additional hardware or setup. 
  • Flexibility:

     VoIP phone is technically a digital version of the traditional analog phones but with more capabilities and functionalities to improve call quality and customer experience. Its software supports many smart devices such as desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Users install the application on any desired device and start using the service. The application uses an already setup network to connect, so there’s no need to redesign a new complex infrastructure to accommodate this technology. 
  • Portability:

     Unlike a PBX phone, a VoIP phone is entirely portable. The VoIP number also translates as a virtual number that allows users to utilize the service wherever there’s quality internet access. This facility makes it ideal for companies who need to relocate the office to accommodate growth. Once relocated, employees can connect to the internet and resume business as usual. It also sounds ideal for people who are traveling or working remotely. 
  • Scalability:

     Scalability is ideal for future growth. It is cheaper and easier to expand by giving new employees a phone line without buying new hardware. While we compare it to an analog phone system, a PBX system would require a new phone or a dedicated physical line as your business grows. However, a VoIP phone operates on an existing network to provide service. 
  • Accessibility: 

    VoIP Phone service offers the ability to make calls from anywhere as long as there’s a decent internet connection. If the person is not available to receive calls, calls can redirect to another person. Alternatively, the person can set a voicemail that notified via an email to follow up later. In general, users don’t need to be physically at their office desk to answer phone calls. They can make or receive calls remotely via any smartphone or tablet. 


  • Internet Connection Speed: 

    The internet connection speed is necessary for a good quality call experience with a VoIP phone system. As we already know, VoIP Phones rely entirely on the internet to provide a good service. It functions similarly to WhatsApp, Skype, or any other communication platform that uses the internet. Therefore, if the internet connection is poor, the call connection may deteriorate and sometimes drops.
  • Power Outage Situation: 

    If there’s a loss of power at the office, it may disrupt your call service due to no internet connection. Urgent calling could be affected during that time. It is advisable to have a backup landline phone for such a situation. However, most people got a mobile phone nowadays to get away with such an incident. But, something to think of while signing up with a VoIP service. 

There’s no doubt that VoIP phones are the best way of communication for most businesses to save money while providing a high-standard calling service to customers.

VoIP Phone Price Comparison

  • 1-4 users: $35 month to month; $30 with a contract
  • 5-19 users: $30 month to month; $26 with a contract
  • 20-99 users: $26 month to month; $22 with a contract
  • 100+ users: $24 month to month; $20 with a contract
  • 1 user + 3 extensions: $29 month to month
  • 1-5 users + 6 extensions: $49 month to month
  • 5-25 users + Unlimited extensions: $89 per month

All plans include texts, Virtual fax, Mobile & Desktop app, and Voicemail.

  • 1 user + 500 texts /mo: $19 month to month
  • 1-3 users + Unlimited texts: $39 per month
  • 3-10 users + Unlimited texts: $59 per month
  • 10 -20 users + Unlimited texts: $99 per month.

No Contracts & No Hidden Fees.


All VoIP phones on this list have their advantages and disadvantages. Overall, any VoIP phones are good alternatives to save extra costs on your communication system. 

  • Nextiva is best for any business at the most affordable price. 
  • Grasshopper is excellent for any small to medium-size business cheaper than Nextiva.
  • Talkroute is ideal for any growing business, at a lower price than Nextiva and Grasshopper.
  • Cloudtalk cloud-based phone system is best for any Call Center & Customer Support Teams.